Heat Stroke

Protecting Your Pets from Heat Stroke 

Eastside Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH, also serves Golf Manor, Amberley, Norwood, Hyde Park, Madeira, Kenwood, and Oakley. Cincinnati summer heat and humidity often combine to make your pet (and you!) miserable.  Brachycephalic (short faced) animals are more susceptible to these issues including  Pugs, Boston Terriers, bulldogs and Persian or Himalayan cats, but any animal can experience heat stroke.


Signs of Heat Stroke in Pets

Once excessive panting begins, drooling, lethargy, glassy eyes, and rising body temperature follow in as little as 15 minutes, leading to eventual stupor, vomiting, and seizures. Eventually, core body temperatures reach over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Without immediate treatment, your beloved animal companion may suffer organ failure, brain damage, and death, so notify your vet immediately if you see any of these signs. We will prepare to treat and cool your pet upon arrival and assess what additional measures to take to restore your pet to a full recovery.

Preventing Heat Stroke

  • •Provide shade, sufficient cool water, and adequate ventilation.
  • •Never leave a pet in a closed car, even on cool days as temperature can quickly rise in this setting
  • •Limit walks and vigorous play to early morning and after dusk
  • •Ensure that your pet takes breaks to cool down during play
  • •Don't leave pets unsupervised outside.  They should be sheltered or indoors while you are away
  • •Be particularly mindful of brachycephalic, obese, elderly pets or pets with other illnesses, particularly heart and lung disease.

Call Eastside Animal Hospital, your Pleasant Ridge veterinarian serving Cincinnati, OH if you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke at 513-472-5038.

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