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Every patient’s dental health is evaluated during their annual exam. We strive to ensure dental health in our patients due the importance it can have on a pet’s health and longevity. We have expertly trained dental technicians and state of the art equipment supporting us in the goal.

Dental disease in pets can affect the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys through the spread of bacteria from the mouth. This is why we recommend routine dental cleanings for pets to help prevent harm to your pet due to infected mouths.

If dental treatment is recommended, your pet may be sedated with a tailored anesthesia plan for the procedure. While sedated dental radiographs will be performed on your pet to evaluate the roots of the teeth and any unseen abnormalities. After full assessment of the teeth health, problem teeth will be addressed, a full scaling and polishing of all teeth in the mouth will be performed and a fluoride treatment applied.


For more information visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council at Veterinary Oral Health Council (

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